1 Metre 5v RGB - USB LED Strip


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    New USB Powered RGB Led Light. Now you can use any usb port to power your led strip, ideal for back-lighting TV's, or use your computer usb ports to illuminate the inside of your compute, use on XBOX or PSP to illuminate your console. Use with usb charger or in car usb port any where where a usb port is you can have light. Turn on your peripheral devise and the led are powered up, turn off and the leds are powered down, no switched or led driver required.

    With 500mm of USB cable and 30 x 5050 high brightness led light over 1 meter. The in-line mini controller allows the user to select between 16 single colours, adjust the brightness & speed or select between flashing or fading between colours. So as to allow the user to create true mood lighting to suite your environment.

    Although this strip is 1 meter in length can be cut down to smaller size as there are cut marks every led or every 35mm. With double sided tape on the reverse to secure in place. The use of cable ties is also recommended where possible to fit. If you need to cut and bridge a gap or go around corners at 90 degree then your could always use the RGB connector to achieve this without the need to solder.

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